Day of Discovery — Christmas Cheer!

Right about now you might be needing a dose of what Christmas is really all about…so grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and watch this Christmas video online:

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Day of Discovery with Shannon Wexelberg

If you find yourself caught up in the commercialism of Christmas, take time right now to watch “Love Came for Me” with Shannon Wexelberg. Shannon’s songs and the commentary by Avner Boskey and Michael Rydelnik will help get your focus back on the true meaning of Christmas. Join us on Ion Television this morning or watch it online right now by clicking on the picture below:



Day of Discovery — Christmas with Shannon Wexelberg

Spend this Christmas in the land where Jesus was born and reflect on the Love that came for you. Travel to Jerusalem for a musical Christmas adventure featuring the passionate and soulful sounds of singer and songwriter Shannon Wexelberg. You’ll also hear from Jewish culture and history contributors Avner Boskey and Michael Rydelnik as they share insights into the value of knowing Jesus and understanding what He came to do for you.
To watch the program, click on the picture:

Day of Discovery — new program this weekend

Dr. Peter Williams is our host this week, he is the warden (administrator) of Tyndale House in Cambridge, England. Tyndale is a biblical research center dedicated to researching all the primary evidence relevant to the study of the Bible. Here’s your preview of this week’s program:

Day of Discovery — DVD’s available

A viewer wrote in via our website: “I only caught the end of this program, but I was very interested and so I ordered the DVD. To me, exploring the historical aspect of the Bible makes it even more real to people. Thank you!” 
If you want to purchase the DVD for A GIFT OF ANY AMOUNT, just go to and place your order.
If you’d like to watch the first program in this series, just click on this link:     THE BIBLE: WHY DOES IT ENDURE?